Civil Works & Construction Services

Our services meet the requirements of various clients and are executed as per their specifications.
We provide business of development and consultancy of real estate promotions, construction of residential houses, commercial buildings, flats, factory’s sheds and buildings inside India and to act as developers, builders, colonizers, civil and construction contractors.

We provide the business of promoter and developer for all type of projects including housing, commercial and any other types of infrastructure and also in business to purchase and sale lands, flats, buildings, complexes, colonies and to exchange, hire or otherwise well any estates, lands, agricultural lands, buildings easements or such other interest in any immovable property and to develop and turn to account by laying out, plotting and preparing the same for building proposes construction building, furnishing, fitting up and improving building.

We provide exchange or otherwise acquire, an interest in any immovable property such as houses, buildings and within or outside the limits of municipal corporation or such other local bodies and to provide roads, drains, water supply, electricity and lights within these areas to divide the same into suitable plots and rent or sell the plots to people and rent or sell the plots to the people for building, houses, bungalows and colonies for workmen . according to scheme approved by Improvement Trusts Development Board and Municipal Boards thereon to rent or sell the same to the public and realize cost in lump sum.



Our Acube Infravision Private Limited practices are ideal in the construction of medical facilities which require strict guidelines and attention to detail.

> Hospitals and Clinics
> Dental Offices
> Opticians
> Chiropractors


We strive to provide the biggest bang for your buck so that your finished office environment is visually appealing, meets your timeline, and is within budget.

> Single/Multiple Office Build Outs
> Conference/Meeting Facilities
> Entire Building Renovation
> Collaborative Work Spaces


Throughout every hotel and hospitality design/build project we consider all factors to ensure that the final result is a pleasing space that meets the needs for today and the future.

> Hotels/Motels
> Conference/Meeting Facilities
> Restaurants/Brew Houses
> Indoor Pools/Rec. Centers


Usability, durability and functionality are all important considerations when we construction industrial facilities.

> Production / Assembly
> Manufacturing
> Transit / Shipping Facilities
> Warehouse Storage


We build creative tech environments that provide for efficient workflow and collaboration, staying on task with our timeline scheduling.

> Collaborative Work Spaces
> Clean Rooms
> Server Rooms
> Tech Assembly Facilities


Our Management system ensures every critical detail of your bio science facility is built to your exact specifications.

> Labs
> Clean Rooms
> Office Build Outs


Our value-based approach to building non-profit environment allows us to provide you the biggest impact within a space while striving to save you money.

> Light Assembly Areas
> Office Space
> Religious Organizations
> Adult Day Care Facilities


Our retail environments help set the tone for the personality you want to convey to shoppers – all done on-time and within budget.

> Strip Malls
> Clothing Retailers
> Electronics
> Franchises




To every project, we bring proven expertise in project management along with exceptionally strong resources – the consequence of our continuing investment in machinery, fleet, technology and people. This investment assures our capacity to deliver fast-track services and seamless technical support through the planning, design, construction, commissioning and operational phases of projects.
We also offer clients informed financial advice – drawing on our experience to help them fund projects in the most cost-effective way. If appropriate, we have the financial strength to invest in projects ourselves. Our focus on quality is absolute. Our ability to leverage market knowledge and relationships to procure materials on time and at the most competitive cost has been proven time and time again.
Our name stands for rigorous planning and cost control, constant attention to detail and a proactive, flexible approach that makes us the partner of choice for many international operators.


Our deep roots in all of our markets, combined with our ability to match global standards while understanding local sensitivities, mark us out from our competitors. We understand the economic, social and cultural challenges that our clients and partners face. We aim to deliver excellence every time, to be a recognized leader in our industry, a company that our clients are proud to work with and our employees are proud to work for. We also want to be a valued contributor to economic and social progress wherever we operate.


It is our strategy to develop specialist construction services for our clients where we see opportunities in the market. Our dedicated and focused teams employ specialist resources and knowledge enabling us to offer our clients a better, more inclusive service.


1.Public engineering - Construction of public works based on general planning, instruction, and control (including repair, improvement, or demolition work)

2.Construction engineering - Construction of buildings based on general planning, instruction, and control (including repair, improvement, or demolition work)

3.Carpentry - Construction of works by processing or applying wooden materials or application of wooden structures to work .

4.Plasterwork - Applying, spraying, or affixing plaster, mortar, stucco, cement, fibers, etc. to work .

5.Scaffold/construction/concrete work -
( a.) Assembly of scaffolding, transport and placement of heavy objects, such as mechanical apparatuses and construction materials, assembly of steel frames, and demolition
( b.) Driving in or pulling out piles and in-place-casting of piles
( c.) Excavation, piling up, or compression of earth or sand
( d.) Construction work using concrete
( e.) Other basic or preliminary work (Landslide prevention, foundation improvement, boring grout, earth retaining, temporary coffering, spraying, highway section, riprap, external construction, and chipping work)

6.Stone work - Processing of stone materials (including quasistones such as concrete block and imitation stone) and production of stone works using masonry or by attaching stone to work .

7.Roof work - Roof-cladding with tiles, slate, or metal sheet .

8.Electrical work - Installation of power generation, transformer, power distribution, and interior electrical facilities .

9.Piping work - Work for installation of coolers, air conditioners, water supplies, hygiene facilities, and facilities for transport of water, oil, gas, and steam using metal pipes .

10.Tile/brick/block work - Constructions with bricks or concrete blocks or work to apply or attach bricks, concrete blocks, or tiles to structures .

11. Steel construction work - Processing steel forms or sheets or assembly of derived items from them .

12. Steel reinforcement work - Processing, connecting, and assembly of steel bars and other steel materials .

13. Paving work - Paving streets and other flat surfaces with asphalt, concrete, sand, gravel, or rubble .

14. Dredging work - Dredging the bottoms of rivers and bays .

15. Sheet metal work - Attaching metal sheet to structures or attaching metal sheet fixtures to structures.

16. Glass work - Installation of glass in structures.

17. Coating work - Spraying, coating, or attaching coating materials to structures.

18. Interior finishing - Interior finishing using wood, plaster board, sound absorbing board, wallpaper, vinyl floor tiles, carpeting, or sliding doors.

19. Machinery installation - Building of structures through assembly of machinery or attaching machinery to structures (Plant installation, transport machinery setup, internal combustion power plant installation, separating machinery setup, water collecting machinery setup, storage and drainage machinery setup, temporary dam setup, children's play facilities installation, stage set setup, silo installation, and automobile parking facilities work).

20. Thermal insulation work - Cooling and heating installation, freezing and refrigeration work, thermally insulating motive power facilities the facilities of fuel or chemical industries.

21. Telecommunications work - Installation of wired telecommunication facilities, wireless telecommunication facilities, broadcasting machinery facilities, or data communication facilities.

22. Landscape gardening - Planting trees and plants, soil-cover work, site preparation work, park facilities work, work related to public places, park road work, waterscape work, and planting of vegetation on rooftops.

23. Water facilities work - Construction of facilities for water intake, water purification, or water distribution for public water supplies or factories or installation of public sewage or basin sewage handling facilities